Do you know how to rank on Google and Youtube ?

DFY suite 3.0 will allow you to get as much page 1 rankings and traffic, as you would like!

You can submit any Url you want : video, website, web-page, with your requested keywords. You select the features : the number of links you want to be created, the duration of your event, if you want to insert some more details or video you can; if not, just let this specialized app create all the campaign for you : the system will generate all the work of social syndication for you. Then, it will provide you with a full report.

DFY suite has been improved and this new version : DFY suite 3.0 is much more powerful and will rank your contents globally for any langage . But it is also possible to rank more precisely on a special area.

Watch the following video, Joshua will show you, how easy it is to rank and the different uses of this system. He has already managed to rank launches, promotions, websites and even addresses….

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You’ll get also Special Bonuses for free:

Bonus n°1 : 5x Strategy – Jason Mangrum – Case study

Bonus n°2 : Smart Phone Advertising – The future of advertising is here

Bonus n° 3 : Internet Marketing Survival Guide Surviving your first year in the IM business Bonus n° 4 : Crushing it with Youtube Taking your Youtube business to the next level

Bonus n° 5 : Simple Joint Venture Secrets – The business connections handbook

and the stacker bonus.

The vendor offers notable free bonuses :

Bonus 1 : Agency rights to DFY suite

Bonus 2 : Sub-syndicator feature

Bonus 3 : Automatic DFY video embeds for even faster video rankings

Bonus 4 : Keyword bootcamp training

Bonus 5 : Live, client attraction bonus training

Bonus 6 : Perfect optimization blueprint

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I think you will be able to save time and avoid many technical difficulties with this DFY system. But don’t forget that you must select an appropriate amount of required links, to get a good ranking, it is proportional… Ranking n°1 is possible but requires a lot.

Take the time to choose well your subscription at the beginning, there is a very interesting proposal if you manage to rank large or numerous campaigns. If not, stay free.

To your success !

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