Hello and welcome to this course on e-learning,

In this course we’re going to cover how to incorporate e-learning which is one of the hottest growing industries, into your business.

This course is divided into three modules:

– Module 1 covers recording video lessons

– Module 2 covers uploading and creating your course

– and Module 3 covers monetizing and managing your courses.

By the time this course is over you’ll know how to leverage e-learning to empower your customers as well as generate leads and revenue for your business; so without further ado, let’s dive into the first module…

Module one

In this module our expert will be teaching you about recording your video lessons. So get ready to take some notes. We’re just going to go over some of the basic ways of recording video content for your e-learning product. Most of these you’re already familiar with, that’s why this is going to be a pretty quick lesson however I want to cover three specific ones,

Number one is basically just a powerpoint presentation : Now powerpoint presentation is easy enough to set up. Most of you have set that up many times, the question is how do you turn it into a video and there’s two options: option number one would be to have a script that you read through carefully in a well-presented manner and record that prior to trying to make the video. So you just record the audio and once you’ve got the audio recorded you then import that audio right here into your slide and you set it to. If you go to playback to hide during the show, play across slides and probably start automatically as best on your first or one of your first slides and then you would go through rehearse timings and just go through the entire slideshow and click through the presentation in synchronization with the audio that you’re listening to and once you save that when you export this to mp4 : it’ll be synchronized.

The other option if you’re good at delivering things off the cuff, would be to forgo recording your audio beforehand and just record it during an actual recording of the slideshow. So once your slideshow is all setup, just hit record slideshow and you’re gonna go through the entire thing,. Click through it narrating in real time and it’ll record your narration and that will be your finished mp4 when you export.

One quick tip though is get yourself on camera. Even if you don’t like being on video at a minimum for the sake of your personal brand have a picture of you on the first slide at least when you’re saying “hey folks this is so and so and in today’s lesson that we’re going to discuss” you know during that portion that intro portion it’s a good idea to actually have yourself in the video at the beginning for the sake of your personal brand. It is not a must but a good idea.

Finally once you’ve done one of those two options either importing an audio file that you record beforehand or recording it in real time, you’re going to come over here to file you’re going to export and you’re going to export it as a video mp4 at 1080p. That’s the best way to do it so that is the powerpoint side of things.

Now let’s have a look at screen capture, screen recording. Now you can use various types of screen recording software probably the coolest one out there is well I shouldn’t say that there’s many very very cool ones but one of the popular ones is obs because of all the settings that you can adjust okay and obs basically you would come into your recording center. Here you would come over to source and audio is usually set up automatically but you want to right click, add a new source and that source should be display capture right there. Hit okay and as you can see here I’ll move a window around and there you can see our screen right there on screen being moved around. Let’s go ahead and pull that back up so we can actually see what’s going on and there’s a couple different settings that you can choose from. You can have it capture your entire screen or you can have it focus on just one window so definitely play around with that but you’ve seen these a thousand times. These are the over-the-shoulder tutorial style videos kind of like we’re recording right now and you’re just walking through a process and making sure that the important parts are captured right there on your screens; let me go ahead and close this out before it interferes with my current video capturing software which is screencast-o-matic which is basically the exact same thing.

Let’s come back over to my browser to talk about the final of the three ways that you can record your content and that is on screen talking head video of you; and guess what, you don’t need to have a studio grade camera with a green screen and all that stuff. Nowadays if you look at the average smartphone and I’ve got, let’s see google’s pixel I’ve got samsung galaxy s9 and I’ve got iphone 10 pulled up here. What you’ll notice is 12 megapixel camera where is it over here . All of these record videos in at least 1080p hd at a pretty nice frame rate but i think most of them now do 4k recording so there’s no need for you to go out and spend money on a super high-tech camera. And there’s also no need these days. I mean video content in general the trending thing is for it to become a little bit more casual literally just you at your table like this gal you know in her living room with her house behind her doing a video. That’s that the trending thing these days; so don’t feel like you have to go out there and break the bank on all sorts of studio equipment and green screens and special stuff and lighting i mean lighting is probably the one thing that you should invest in a little bit; but don’t go crazy because videos are getting easier to make on screen. Your talking head style videos are more easy to make less expensive to make and the trend these days is casual that’s what appeals to most audiences today. And you can just do that with your smartphone right there. Go buy a small little tripod to put on your desk and even a selfie stick would probably pass these days although maybe not for a high-end e-learning environment. But that’s it, that’s the three ways that you can easily record content for your e-learning course

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