NFTs are non-fungible tokens stored on the blockchain. They are digital assets, you can sell online through the blockchain and make money. They have become increasingly popular. You can create a NFT and sell it to others or you can buy some NFTs and resell them at a higher price.

Watch this video to get more information about the world of NFTs.

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Latitude basic shows users how to set up everything to be able to profit from NFTs “from A to Z” . It includes free authority traffic from hundreds of millions of buyers.

They don’t explain how to create a NFT here and their required features, even if they provide free softwares to make them.

You can also get some optional upgrades :

Upgrade 1 – Latitude PRO is the hands-free way to cash in with this unique system. They show users how to effortlessly flip OTHER people’s NFTs for profits … Without creating a single thing themselves.

Upgrade 2 – Club Direct access to their insider’s only club where the richest NFT players share up-to-the-minute shortcuts & strategies. Customers will also be added to our private list and be given early inside info on the hottest upcoming NFTs to profit from.

Upgrade 3 – Advanced training on leveraging digital art COLLECTIONS to 10X their income. Users will discover how to create or assemble collections, outsource the heavy lifting, and generate life-changing profits.

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Upgrade 5 – 4 top-converting offers to sell as their own, and keep 100% from every product in each funnel and they handle all support. This bundle includes full reseller rights to: • Latitude • Gemini • Javascript Commission Bot • TweetX

I think the NFT space will continue to grow in the coming years with some popular use cases being: Digital Art, Virtual Land, Gaming, Collectibles, Finance …

This course will explain how to profit from NFTs, but keep in mind you need an ethereum account (blockchain) to buy and sell NFTs which value can fluctuate with the crypto market…

If you like virtual art, to create or just to buy and sell, you are in the good place.

Have fun !

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